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Pet Training

All Shoreline K9 training programs begin with a FREE EVALUATION. There are many misconceptions about training dogs so it is our job to clearly define the extent of a training package that will effectively meet the needs and expectations of you and your pack. Although each package is customizable, here are some examples of how we structure our training programs.

Foundational Obedience 

Our obedience programs are among the best. Learning clear communication is key to a great relationship. Our programs are highly motivated so that your pet wants to learn. With our programs not only is your pet learning basic commands such as sit, down, climb, a recall, and walking loosely on leash, they are also learning communication, engagement, patience, working under distractions, and most become less reactive to people and other dogs. Your pet will stay on campus during their program. During your pets training we meet with you once a week in private sessions to show you what your pet has accomplished for that week and to give you a chance to work and train with your pet. This will give you the education you will need to manage their behavior and training at home.  We have great results from these programs. 

Private Lessons

These lessons are perfect for the dog that already has a solid foundation in obedience, but needs a little help with a specific issue. These packages are also completely customizable. 


We're happy to come to your house or meet you in a public setting, such as a park, to work on certain behaviors that only come up in specific situations or environments. Again, this program is only offered to dogs and owners that already have a solid understanding of obedience. 

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